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3/4" Slim Angled Belt Buckle

3/4" Slim Angled Belt Buckle


Delicate but tough, this 3/4" angular antique brass buckle on the slim belt makes this ideal for women's dresses, shirts, shorts, and capris. 

With holes placed both to wear at waist and hips, this belt has a longer tail which will tuck gracefully over itself when work to define a dress or shirt. 

This is made to measure, so please send me a measurement of where your belt sits most comfortably both at your waist and your hips. 

 The belt is made from a single piece of water buffalo hide, fastened with an antique brass rivet.

The back of the belt is treated with atom wax, and sides are burnished. For long term care, please condition it regularly with  your preference of conditioner. I recommend a combination of wax and oil. If you are in my local area, you are welcome to visit me at the Perth Farmer's Market for a tune up and perhaps an extra hole or two here and there(!).

 With good care, this belt will last for decades!

Photo by Viara Mileva Photography.

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